Community Service Involvement

Artistic Picnics

Cardio-Care and CRA have had the privilege of serving the home health care needs of Illinois for over 35 years. As an expression of our gratitude, CRA has developed a program of art therapy for the elderly. CRA has pioneered the experience of the Artistic Picnic.

Several times throughout the year, CRA and a group of artists gather at nursing homes and assisted living facilities to engage the elderly, and share moments of bonding through arts and crafts. The aim of the event is to participate in the lives of the elderly. We are grateful for our elderly community and actively engage in activities that will stimulate their minds, flex their cognitive muscles, and create strong community bonds.

We are always looking to partner with organizations to create a positive change in the elderly community. If you know a facility that would like to have CRA join them for an artistic picnic, please contact us today.

If you have any questions or would like us to host an artistic picnic at your facility please contact our Director of Community Outreach Janelle Cooper (847) 226-0207.